Meet Miami Beach International Fashion Week Designer: Walla


Designer Walla is known for combining western wear with her Arabian roots where she has an elite following. She lives in Bahrain with her husband and 3 children. This will be her first time showcasing her work at Miami Beach International Fashion Week. We chatted her up on her new collection, what inspired it and why she likes Miami. 

What can we expect to see with your resort wear collection for Miami? Expect to see a lot of see‐through and embroidered lace that is very feminine and detailed. It is very luxurious from the material to the colors picked. I’m using gemstone colors for this collection and a simple and structured silhouette to go with it.

Where did you draw your inspiration for it? My inspiration for this collection comes from timeless glamour of vintage fashion. I used lace to incorporate peek‐a‐boo aesthetic reminiscing the early fifties. I really appreciate  50’s fashion when there is real elegance with a sensual and risqué feel to i

You like to combine the western wear element to your designs. Why? Traveling and exploring fashion districts in Europe and America inspired me to be more creative and experimental in my designs by mixing western wear with my pure Arabian roots. I want to combine the beauty and complexity and get the best of both worlds.


How does it feel to be showcasing at Miami Beach International Fashion Week? I feel that it will be a very good starting platform for me to expand my brand. I have built up my reputation and have been selectively designing for some of the most elite women in the Arabian Gulf.


The love of fashion you have, stems from? My love for fashion stemmed from the time when my father used to bring my siblings and me to different fashion capitals. We explored many luxury fashion boutiques. I studied fashion in London, which helped me realize my dreams of having my own fashion label.

Describe what Miami represents to you as a designer.  It’s very international, specifically a gateway to the latin market which has a similar taste to luxury as the Arabian World. I truly believe there is a unique energy in Miami. The people are fun, confident and conscious of their body, which makes them very fashionable.

Who is one of your favorite designers?  I would say that I have a special attachment to Dolce and Gabbana. They inspire me to have the same approach when designing for women which is glorifying a woman’s body and making them feel confident about themselves.



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