Meet dozens of local artists Saturday at The Fountainhead Studios in Little Haiti

The Fountainhead Studios, open to the public only twice a year, welcomes guests Saturday, Oct. 18 to explore more than 40 working studios in a series of connected warehouses in the Little River/Little Haiti Buisiness District.

From 6 – 10 p.m., visitors can meet with some of the most talented local artists such as Sara Stites, Eduardo de la Rosa, Peter Ian Hosfeld, Roberto Ojeda, Patricia Gutierrez, Santiago Rubino, Judith Robertson, Kerry Philips, Carlene Munoz, Santiago Bernal, Martha Raoli, Nicole Burko, Thomas Bollinger, Dona Altemus, Farley Aguilar, Alex Trimino, David Rohn, Typoe, Karen Starosta Gilinski, Claudia Calle, Evl World, Jessy Nite, PJ Mills, Elaine Defibaugh, Nereida Garcia, Juana Valdes, Lori Nozick, Don Lambert, Andrea Nhuch, Temisan Okpaku, Nicole Duran, Sandra Ramos, Juan Raul Hoyos, Paolo Ambu, Carla Fache, Marisa Telleria, Michelle Weinberg, Julie Davidow, and Marco Beria. 

Additional works by Fountainhead Residency visiting artists — Roey Heifetz (Berlin and Tel Aviv), Toni Mena (El Salvador), and DAZE (New York)- will also be on view. 



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