Mapping out Miami sex


Last week, a guy in Kendall had sex in six different positions, and it was “better than the teacups at Disney!” He logged the experience on, a world map that tracks users’ stats and commentary about their recent sexual encounters, from New Zealand to frigid Iceland (appropriate comment: “It was cold and impersonal”) and everywhere in between.

Users can document whether sex was between straights or gays, what positions were attempted, where it all happened (indoors, outdoors, boat, car, etc), and if protection was used. Recently, the site’s capability was expanded to allow for a picture upload with each post. The pictures tend to be non-raunchy; one user posted a pic of Old Faithful, another included a pic of his open condom wrapper as “evidence”.

Nearly 80,000 trysts have already been logged, with plenty in South Florida. In Dania Beach: hetero, four positions, indoors, “Amazing!!! Huge ‘O’.” In Miami Lakes: hetero, two positions, indoors, “Wild, hot, sweaty!”. Near downtown: lesbian, four positions, “f*ing perfection!”. Read more at: I Just Made Love.




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