Makeup Artist Scott Barnes

He’s the face behind the J. Lo “glow” and the author of the highly anticipated book About Face, Amazing Transformations Using Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist.  We gabbed with the 42-year-old beauty guru hailing from Detroit and he dished about his aha! moment and how to achieve a flawless look no matter what.

You initially wanted to be a fine-arts painter, why did you segue into makeup artistry?

It really just happened.

How did working with Shu Uemura change your career?

He made realize that I had the talent to create cosmetics.

You are the creator of the infamous J. Lo “glow.” Did you ever imagine your bronze skin and pale lips look would put you on the map?

No. I was just doing what I thought looked sexy.

How did About Face come about?

I was traveling the world so I would sit and write on all those long flights.

What makes your eponymous cosmetic line so special?

It’s everything I would use or need.

What is the best makeup advice you can give South Florida-based women?

Try to protect yourself from the sun!

What is the biggest no-no when it comes to doing one’s own make-up?

Do not apply bronzer under the eyes.

What items should be in every woman’s cosmetics drawer?

Shu Uemura eyelash curler, mascara, lip-gloss and my Body Bling 
tinted body lotion.

Thoughts on guy-liner?

I love it.

If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?

A fireman.



Shoe: YSL

Luggage: Tumi

Book: The Bible

Gadget: iPhone

Scent: Creed

Vice: Gym

Color: Grey and blue

Pet: My Great Dane, Taylor

Relationship: Amazing

Miami: Sexy

Dish: Veggies

Drink: Water

Music: All


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