Made in Miami Hair Accessories

Boring, run-of-the-mill, omnipresent Goody hair ties, watch your back. There’s a new, chic hair accessory town and it’s made in the MIA. Allow us to introduce you to By Lilla handcrafted headbands, bows, hair bands and more. Created by Miamians-by-way-of-Colombia Michelle Finvarb Possin, Natalia Arias Storm and Colette Bakalarz Feldman — these hair accessories are becoming a mane attraction. We chat up Michelle on her biz, lusts and Miami musts.

Why the name By Lilla? We loved the name Lilla — it represents a different type of persona in each of us.

How did By Lilla come to fruition? Natalia started making headbands for a school bazaar, when Colette saw them she loved them so much that they teamed up to start the company. They approached me a couple of weeks later to help them with all the graphic design and we realized that we would make a great team so I joined the team!

What makes your product so unique? Our design, our quality and our versatility

Aside from online, where can one buy your goodies? Henri Bendels in NY, here in Miami you can get them at Fontainebleau Miami Beach

It’s your day off — quick! — what are you doing? Yoga, playing tennis and going to the beach.

What do you love most about living in Miami? The weather — you can be outdoors year round!

What is Miami’s best-kept secret? The Lido restaurant at The Standard Spa Miami Beach.