Luxury Consignment in Miami

Hey Miami, did you know that authentic luxury consignment is just a mouse click away? We chat up Brooke Kochman, The RealReal Merchandise Manager, South Florida, who gives you the 411.

Describe The Real Real for those not in the know: The RealReal combs through the most fashionable closets around to give our male and female members insider access to the world’s best previously owned jewelry, accessories and clothing — from Hermès and Chanel to Balenciaga and Lanvin. We offer a white-glove service where we have stylits personally come into the homes of consigners — this way you need to deal with FedEx  and they can also tell you what to keep and what to consign.

What kind of split do you offer clients? We offer up 60% to 70% off all sales. Once you achieve $1,500 in sales, you receive 70%.

Why sell with The RealReal as opposed to eBay or other online secon-hand stores? With eBay, you don’t know where your clothes are going. There’s no customer service — items could be priced wrong and with The RealReal, you have great customer service and you can check in your RealReal account about where you’re at with your sales.

Do you pick up items from clients’ homes? Yes! I can come to your house so you don’t need to deal with FedEx. I can tell you if things can’t go on the site due to a rip, a tear or stain as The RealReal won’t accept any of those pieces.

What happens to items that don’t sell? We have great experience in selling all your items that don’t have stains or ripped and are under our brand umbrella. If not, we will discount them and then possibly send them back but we don’t really go through that method because most clothes are sold.


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