Lush Cosmetics: Makeup to meet your state of mind

How are you feeling today? Our moods change, not as much as when we were crankly toddlers, but it’s a fact of this life. Try out Lush Cosmetics’ new line, Emotional Brilliance, out Saturday, and recently featured on the Today show.

This range consists of 13 liquid lip colors ($22.95), 11 liquid eyeliners ($22.95) and 6 cream eyeshadows ($22.95). While the shades are on-trend, the makers say they’re more about wearing colors that shape your emotional state.

Have a board meeting? Throw on the Confident liquid lip color. It’s the power of suggestion. Pick colors you are drawn to, not your favorites. Those three hues each correspond with a word (the product name) such as Confident, Take Control or Glamorous.

The order in which you choose is telling. “When you put it on, you will represent that word because everything about your body language, your pupils, every nuance in you, will convey that word,” says Lush cofounder Mark Constantine. “As long as it means something to you, it’s pertinent. It’s what makes it so revolutionary because it’s actually conveying someone’s need.”

Spin the color wheel at to find what’s right for you. Who needs therapy?

More shopping info:  888-733-5874


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