Louis C.K. announces four show run at Arsht Center in November

He did it again, that Louis C.K. 

In an unassuming email, he announced that he has added a host of new tour dates that will take him across North America through January 2017. 

On Wednesday he sent an email out to his fans:

“Hello, my dear friend. My dear, dear friend. This is Louis CK.  I’m writing to you because I am continuing my live standup tour and today I am adding many cities and dates.  So I thought you should know about them in case you want to come and see me live….As always, I’m keeping the price of my tickets down to an average of 50 dollars, including all charges.  I know that’s not nothing.  But it’s less than more than that.”

Louis C.K. has been performing to sold-out crowds throughout Europe and now his tour will bring him to the Adrienne Arsht Center from Nov. 15-18 for four shows in two different auditoriums, the Ziff Ballet Opera House and the Knight Concert Hall. 

The comic favors announcing his latest projects via email and selling his products directly to fans, including his most recent work, a show called “Horace & Pete,” that he wrote, stars in and produced enlisting A-list talent like Alan Alda, Steve Buscemi, Laurie Metcalf and Jessica Lange. The show, which is a darker, more dramatic turn for the comic, was sent out via email with links to the episodes which cost between $2-$5. No promotion. No interviews. Just the link a la Beyonce. 

Get your tickets while you can.