Locals DIY Fashion Project Turns into Business


When it comes to DIY perfectly coiffed hair, locals Donna Haynes and her 21-year-old daughter Amanda, know how to help women achieve star-like locks. Their 6-month-old made-in-Miami accessory line called Haute Halos is all about combining comfort with pieces that look fashionable. 

“We launched the line because my 7-year-old was constantly getting her hair tangled and snagged in painful hairbands. I couldn’t find an accessory that would be comfortable and cute for her so I decided to create one,” said Haynes. 

Donna’s hair ties were an instant hit at her daughter’s elementary school. Classmates and mothers were smitten with them and placed orders. Soon after she joined forces with her daughter Amanda and Haute Halos was officially launched. 

“We named it “Haute” because the bands are more than your average hair tie and “Halos” because the headbands were our first creation and the girls loved wearing them around their foreheads like halos,” said Donna. 

Today, the duo have 3 collections and offer them in 3, 5 and 10 packs. Some of the bands come accented with crystal and Murano beads. Others feature peace signs, hearts and stars.

Daughter Amanda said women and girls like their brand because it doesn’t give you headaches or breakage like other hair accessories do. “It also works as a beautiful accessory on your wrist,” she said. 

Haute Halos sells between $6 to $38 and come packaged in gift boxes. 

The homegrown brand is sold in over 30 boutiques and salons as well as on their website www.hautehalos.com 



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