Local Artist Paints One-of-a-Kind Purses

Holly Jones loves to paint. Yet, instead of taking her brushes onto a canvas, she prefers to use purses. Thus, making her newest line called “Art to Wear” the perfect pieces for fashionistas and art lovers. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are sold at H Benitez Art Gallery in Coral Gables. In “Art to Wear” there are various collections such as the Garden which features painterly petals, the bright hued Sun collection and the Gold are just a few.

Aside from what is on her site and at the gallery, Jones also does commission work. “Art to Wear” averages around $150. The purses are made out of vinal exteriors and raw shantung silk interior linings. To see more of her bags check out: www.hollyajones.com


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