Lindsay Vallan Jewelry

How does a pregnant Beyoncé Knowles accessorize her baby bump? With Miami native Lindsay Vallan Nichols’ crystal pendants — that’s how. Queen B bought several Lindsay Vallan Jewelry necklaces and often layers them for a dramatic effect. We chatted up 27-year-old Nichols on her jewelry line, the power of healing crystals and how Beyoncé has her working overtime.

How did Lindsay Vallan Nichols jewelry come to fruition? My line started after I was in a car accident last year. I was the buyer and manager of Fred Segal in Santa Monica for four years and I was in a car accident that put me on bed rest for nine months. During that time I started studying healing crystals and gemstones — I know it sounds weird but it worked. I started taking jewelry classes to pass time and got really into it. I started sending them to friends and family as amulets for good luck. Never intending to sell, Bergdorf buyers called and asked if they could order some. They ordered four and sold out and all the sudden were placing orders for 30 to 40 at a time. It was seriously the craziest and most amazing thing that ever happened to me!

What kind of metals/stones do you work with? Turquoise, tourmaline, crystals, pink quartz, smokey quartz, pyrites, agate, silver, amethyst, gold, mother of pearl, jade, diamonds and more.

Beyoncé was recently spotted dripping in your necklaces. Which ones to be exact? I have two basic styles — crystal wraps necklaces, which are long and can be wrapped one or two times and crystal pendants that have all different one of a kind crystal pendants on strands of gem stones. Beyoncé bought three of each. And now, I’m basically trying to catch up with orders!

What is the price point of your pieces? $250 to $1,500.

You reside in Los Angeles now but grew up in Miami. What do you love most about your hometown? I love the cultural diversity of Miami and its Latin American influence. I never feel like I’m in America and I love it!


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