Leather & Laces

The Leather & Laces party is undoubtedly one of the sexiest, star-studded soirees. A Super Bowl tradition for the last seven years, it brings together some of today’s hottest celebs.

Past hosts include Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, Terrell Owens, Kim Kardashian, Joanna Krupa, Roselyn Sanchez, Jeremy Piven, Donald Driver, Eddie Cibrian and Kelly Monaco.

On Friday, Feb. 5, Kardashian and Sanchez will once again co-host Leather & Laces along with newcomer and former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison. The trio chatted with us about party life in Miami and why they think fans should spend the extra cash to come out and see them.

How does it feel to be chosen at a Leather & Laces host?
Holly: I’m really excited to be co-hosting this party to celebrate Super Bowl weekend. It’s sure to be one of the best parties of the weekend. It will also be my first time visiting Miami.
Kim: It’s an honor to be asked back! I hosted it last year and it was the biggest party of Super Bowl!
Roselyn: I’m very excited about hosting again this year. It feels good to know that they enjoyed having me two years ago when I hosted it in Arizona. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

What’s your idea of sexy?
Holly: My idea of sexy is beauty mixed with brains, confidence and humor.
Kim: Confidence is sexy. Sexy can be so many different things. You can’t try to be sexy, you just are!
Roselyn: My idea of sexy is a person that is very confident. Of course having a sense of style helps, but if you walk in a room, and you feel special, unique and happy with whom you are, that’s sexy.

What are you looking forward to this Super Bowl?
Holly: I’m hoping the Colts win because I want to see Kendra [Wilkinson] wear a Super Bowl ring!
Kim: My boyfriend [Reggie Bush] being in the Super Bowl. This is a lifelong dream, and I am so proud he has achieved this honor so early in his career.
Roselyn: I don’t know a lot about football. My husband is a fanatic so because of that I try to get into it. To me, the fun part is betting against him. Whoever he goes for, I pick the opposite team. We get into funny fights because of that.

Any predictions? Will there be any sports rivalry between you ladies?
Holly: Obviously Kim is rooting for the Saints, but I’m rooting for the Colts because I want Hank Baskett to win!
Kim: It’s going to be an amazing game. I am obviously rooting for the New Orleans Saints…no rivalry at all!
Roselyn: My prediction was having [Jets quarterback] Mark Sanchez win it all. I love him!  Just because we have the same last name, and I like how confident he was in his decision of going to the NFL when a lot of people didn’t think he was ready. Clearly he did a terrific job. Now that his team is out, let the best man win.

Why do you think your fans should come to the party? What can we expect?
Holly: This is going to be an insane party! I’ve checked out photos of the previous parties, and it looks like such a blast.
Kim: They should come if they want to have a good time. It will be the best party of
Super Bowl.
Roselyn: Fans should come to the party because it’s going to have great music, amazing athletes having fun, and they get to meet Holly, Kim and I.

Kim and Roselyn, you’ve hosted Leather & Laces in other cities. What sets Miami apart?
Kim: Miami is the best party city so this will make for probably the best Leather & Laces event ever!
Roselyn: I adore Miami! It’s a great city . . . People are so beautiful, outgoing and alive. I’m Latina, so Miami is very dear to my heart.


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