La Santa Cecelia play Miami

La Santa Cecelia

More cool underground Latin music from around the country in our tiny boites. La Santa Cecelia, a six member L.A. group that’s been called this decade’s answer to Ozomatli – a band that perfectly captures the changing locura and mezcla of the City of Angels.

Named for a patron saint of music, Santa Cecelia play itty bitty Blue Piano on Wednesday night (if you haven’t been, where have you been – amazing wine list that ventures far beyond malbec, seductive Newyorquina tin ceiling bar atmosphere with a stand-up piano ohmilord, and really good live music, always. Former Bacilos frontman Jorge Villamizar is a co-owner, so that partly explains Blue Piano’s deep and excellent local music taste, but I don’t know who does their bookings).

Santa Cecelia has had songs on Entourage and Weeds – High end cable seems to be the place to hear cool Latin bands these days – and yes, they’ve got a Latin Grammy nomination for their song La Negra.

Besides their urgent, infectious Mex-klezmer-rock-bossa nova-Django Reinhardt sound, Santa Cecelia is a project of former Miami, now LA producer Sebastian Krys, who’s worked on too many Grammy winning albums and famous acts to count, and who’s always had an impeccable ear for beautifully fused sound and original, heartfelt music. (He’s also working with Javier Garcia to release his long-stalled next album).

“They have a very clear vision of who they are and what they want to do,” Krys said of why he started working with Santa Cecelia. “A lot of groups have so much info about marketing and what’s out there they start to change to fit into something else.” Plus, as is fitting with a band named for a santa, the ladies rule, particularly lead singer Marisoul.

“Each female artist is like a whole male band, one equals five,” says Krys. “So the way I see it, Santa Cecelia is like fourteen people”. Actually, only three of them will play Wednesday night – Blue Piano is about the size of a studio apartment – but one of them will be Marisoul. (Santa Cecelia plays at 9pm Wednesday.

Blue Piano is in the Design District, on NE 2nd Ave between 47th and 46th Streets, just up from Buena Vista Bistro)


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