5 ways to make the most out of your Miami Open experience

If you want to do the Miami Open like a pro, there’s one destination you’ll be sure to visit: La Plage de Lacoste where you can soak up some sun and kick back at this beach area at Crandon Park.

Intended to provide a place for tennis enthusiasts to go during matches, La Plage de Lacoste invites you to do the following:

1. Take selfies with the Lacoste crocodile

Sure, all your friends already know you’re at the Miami Open. Rub it in with a photo of Lacoste’s crocodile logo.

2. Play table tennis

Become a tennis star on a much smaller scale. You don’t need months of training to win a game or two of table tennis at La Plage de Lacoste, but the game can take your mind off how little skill you have in comparison to tennis’ biggest names.

3. Join a game of croquet

This just really fancy. But if you’re at the Miami Open, you might as well look the part.

4. Hit a shuttlecock

So badminton is not exactly tennis, but it’s in the racquet sport category and if you can figure out how to whip that little shuttlecock back and forth, you deserve somebody’s respect.

5. Lounge in style

Relax at Lacoste’s beach area at Crandon Park. We promise not to judge if you skip out on a match or two.