L.A. Boudoir

The lowdown: If unearthing vintage treasures is your idea of a field day, then add L.A. Boudoir to your list of must-visit haunts. Touted around town as the best vintage lingerie boutique, the shop is teeming with rare finds. “L.A. Boudoir carries mens, womens and childrens apparel and accessories at affordable prices. We also work closely with the film, theater and photography industry allowing items for rental. Items range in age from the turn-of-the century to present,” Owner Lauren Arkin says.

The ‘hood: Nestled above Uva 69 restaurant, L.A. Boudoir calls the Upper East Side home.

The ambience: Think shabby-chic-meets-Paris. “Upon entering L.A. Boudoir, you will see how it is meticulously designed as if you were in a giant closet. A 1930’s marble vanity creates the focal point in the main room, with shelves adorned with accessories and collectables from days long gone by,” Arkin says. Photographs of the iconic Marilyn Monroe also adorn the walls.

Highlights: Scoop up the stores bestsellers which include 1800’s style corsets ($40), ‘50s beaded sweaters ($65), ‘60s coral necklace sets ($25) and ‘40s beige beaded clutches ($36).

The owner says: “Come in as someone living in the 21st century, born in the 20th and leave as someone that transcends a millennia,” Arkin adds.


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