Keren Craig Q&A

Marchesa. Red carpets. The two are synonymous. Led by design duo Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, the toothsome twosome have got A-lister gowns on lockdown. The good news for us everyday women? The pair have recently launched a ready-to-wear line (priced $260 to $500) called Marchesa Voyage — take that, Angelina Jolie! To toast their new trajectory, Craig is making a private personal appearance at locally loved Kristine Michael boutique this week and we chatted up the design darling.

Bienvenidos a Miami! What do you love most about the Magic City? I’d have to say the energy. Even on a normal day, when there isn’t a huge convention going on and Art Basel is over, Miami is always so alive — sometimes even in the middle of the night!  

Marchesa is one and the same with red carpets and ethereal gowns, but you recently launched a contemporary collection, Marchesa Voyage. Describe the line for those not-in-the-know: We’ve always had a vision for Marchesa to be a full lifestyle brand, and so the next natural step for us was to design a contemporary collection. With Marchesa Voyage, we wanted to capture the essence of our brand, but at a more accessible price point, created for everyday wear. Voyage has its own DNA of a global traveler. The target customer is both our current clients who are looking to incorporate our signature aesthetic into their everyday wardrobe, as well as a new customer, a woman who embodies a glamorous, relaxed spirit in their daily lives.  

The muse is for Marchesa is always 20th century Italian heiress and socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati. Who is the inspiration for Marchesa Voyage? Marchesa Luisa Casati, of course!  Even though Marchesa Voyage is a contemporary collection, we still always look to her as our muse and work to create clothing that resembles a glamorous, effortless and season-less global lifestyle.    

Both you and your partner, Georgina Chapman, are moms. How do you juggle it all? I suppose I approach it in the same way most working mothers do, with a lot of careful coordination and scheduling! I’m also fortunate to be able to have my daughters visit me at work. They often come to the office to spend time with me. It’s always lovely when Georgina’s children visit at the same time. My older daughter, Delilah loves spending time at the office with Georgina’s daughter, India.