Kelly Rowland spreads her wings


Of course, Kelly Rowland is best-known for being part of the triumphant trio that is Destiny’s Child, which also features universal supernova Beyonce. But on her own, the singer is proving to be quite the diva herself, and this “bird in a cage” has learned to spread her wings.

Rowland takes the stage Saturday night at Jazz in the Gardens with a diverse arsenal of styles, including manic electro-pop (“Freak”), confessional ballad (“Dirty Laundry”) and blush-inducing bedroom jam (“Kisses Down Low”).

The Miami resident talked about the show, the possibility (or not) of a Destiny’s Child reunion, and her favorite restaurants in the Magic City.

What attracted you to this festival?
I’m just loving to perform right now, and I love jazz, so it’s perfect. It fits. Especially in Miami – it’s gonna be very sexy.

Anyone else on the bill you’re excited to see?
A: Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Trey Songz, Anthony Hamilton, also. Yay! It’s gonna be a family reunion – a friendship reunion.

Will you break out any Destiny’s Child hits?
Why wouldn’t I? You have to!

Speaking of which, you’ve stayed active musically with both Beyonce and Michelle. Have you guys talked at all about an official Destiny’s Child reunion?
You are the third person to ask me that this week. That’s so interesting that it’s been on the tip of everybody’s tongue. We haven’t talked about it. Michelle is wrapping up an incredible solo album – I’m so proud of her and can’t wait for everybody to hear it. And B is finishing up her tour in Europe, and I’m about to get back in the studio to start working on a new album. So it’s not something that we’ve been talking about recently. But we have been able to collaborate on each other’s projects, and we’re all very tight.

Would you say that the door is open?
It hasn’t been something we’ve talked about recently – I’ll keep it at that.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of artists, including Nelly, Lil Wayne and David Guetta. How do you deal with performing those tracks live? Do you have a backing vocal track to sing with?
It’s definitely always an alternative, you know what I mean? I figure out ways with my music director to flip it and make it my own.

How much from “Talk a Good Game” will we hear in your set?
You will hear quite a bit – I love performing those songs.

You’ve done a lot of acting, most notably in “Think Like a Man” – anything coming up?
I’m working on some things, yes. Nothing I can talk about freely right now, but there are some projects that I’ve been in talks with directors that I’m very excited about possibly becoming a part of.

How different is it singing versus acting? Are you as comfortable with each?
I think with performing I’m allowed to just be myself. With acting, you have to really respect the character that you’re playing, and have integrity for the role, and kill it. But both, of course, require your creativity and focus.

You’re an Atlanta girl at heart – what inspired you to move to Miami?
It happened years ago, but I remember just going to Miami every time I had a break. It was me and the girls – we always spent off-days in Miami to chill. And I found myself wanting to be there a lot more, and I started looking for property and found some great ones and decided on one, and it’s been my home for I don’t know how many years now.

Can you tell us any of your favorite hangouts?
Oh my God, Fifi’s Seafood on Collins is one of my favorite places to eat. And I absolutely love Fifi the owner and the chef – her spirit is just so incredible, and I just love being there – everytime I go into her place, I always feel like I’m at home.

And Mandolin, a Greek restaurant in the Design District – it’s amazing!