Kat's Meow

What should I wear? Where should I shop? What looks best on me? For many, discovering one’s own personal style can be a daunting task. But not for Katerina “Kat” Albanis Theodorou. A keen sense of style, fashion and image come naturally to her and that’s why at age 32, Theodorou is the Founder of Haute Kat, a Miami-based image and style consultancy.

Before opening Haute Kat in 2009, Kat’s seeds in fashion were planted as a youth compliments to her grandmother Maria Sotirou. Yiayia (Greek for grandma) happened to be a master seamstress in her birth country of Greece and continued sewing once she immigrated to Miami. As early as she can remember, Kat looked on as her grandmother meticulously crafted gowns for important clients and Miss America pageants. At grandmother’s insistence, Theodorou was urged to “get an education and not be a slave to the sewing machine.”

And get an education Theodorou did! She received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Barry University, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Florida International University, Graduate degree in Teaching Certificate from FIU and an Image and Style Consultant Certificate from International Image Consultants.

Before establishing Haute Kat, she acquired 10 years of Corporate-America experience under her designer belt. From hostessing at Maria’s Greek Restaurant to pharmaceutical sales for Pfizer Pharmaceutical to public relations for the City of Miami, Theodorou honed her business chops — but the fierce fashion world was constantly calling her name.

“It started slowly with compliments on my attire. Then, I had people asking me for advice on fashion, which was a huge compliment. Friends and family would ask me to shop for them,” Theodorou says of her styling beginnings.

Theodorou’s segue from sales to fashion was an organic one. “In business, it is important to package yourself in a manner that makes you look and feel good. Since I studied marketing and learned about packaging tangible products — why not focus on an actual person?” she says. As the Founder of Haute Kat, it is Kat’s mission to consult men, women and corporate organizations on how to look and communicate successfully.

Ask anyone and they will tell you, she’s the Kat’s Meow when it comes to being chic and sharp.


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