Joseph A. Quinones

Joseph A. Quinones

Meet Joseph A. Quinones. We bumped into the 24-year-old Marketing and Sales Coordinator for MIAMI magazine at Area 31 and he had us with his murse (that’s a “man purse” for those of you living under a rock). He also wooed us with his bubbly personality and hipster ensemble. We love the mix of low (H&M), in between (Zara) and high (Rolex) labels. Here, my fashion darlings, are Quinones’ stylish stats:

The outfit: Thrift store shirt, Roberto Cavalli for H&M jeans, Fossil belt, Zara kicks, Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses, H&M murse and Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch.

What is your go-to store and why? H&M. “My fashion dream came true with the news that it was finally arriving to Miami. The trick is to go often as the store is constantly bringing in new items. I look forward to their annual designer collaborations. I went to NYC for the Roberto Cavalli launch, Berlin for Matthew Williamson and Barcelona for Lanvin. I gagged when I heard the news that Versace was launching their H&M collection in October,” Quinones says. Other favorites include Alchemist for designer duds and Macy’s for everyday needs.

What one item are you eyeing to purchase for Fall? “My fall must is definitely corduroys. Cords are coming back in a big way. I am also obsessed with D&G’s fitted Mickey and Coca-Cola tees. I dress quite loud so I am happy to hear one of the biggest male trends this year is color — bring on the blues, yellows and greens!” he adds.

What are your closet’s staples? Vests and blazers. “I am obsessed with blazers — fitted, oversized, simple and shiny — I wear them all. A blazer can turn any dull outfit into a fashion success,” Quinones says.

What is the worst trend you ever trend? “I’ve tried to pull of the fedora look time and time again. Unfortunately, they just don’t look good on me. The Justin Timberlake/Ne-Yo look just doesn’t work for everyone. Also, men around the world should just stop wearing capri pants. Please!” he says.

What is the biggest fashion faux pas in your opinion? “Ed Hardy clothing is the worst thing to happen to fashion and must stopped. Men around the world, please listen: You do not look good in Ed Hardy,” Quinones advises.

Who is your style muse? Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. “Always dressed impeccably, his use of bowties and color is amazing. He commands attention with his look and style. I’m also a big fan of Kanye West’s eclectic style. I love that he’s such a risk taker. Another fashion muse of mine is Barbie — the original fashion icon!” Quinones says.


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