Joe Jonas talks DNCE, growing up Disney and his favorite place to party in Miami

Nothing says summer is just around the corner like a pool party. And no one throws a better pool party than the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. 

This Saturday is no exception, as the iHeart Radio Summer Pool Party returns as part of the Fontainebleau’s BleauLive concert series, bringing iHeartRadio’s house DJs, including Prostyle, to set a sexy soundtrack. 

The groovy beats will be followed by a concert featuring party-friendly acts such as Flo Rida, DNCE with special guest Hailee Steinfeld, Tinashe, Lukas Graham, Kygo and Jason Derulo, with more special guests to be announced.

One of the more intriguing bands on the bill is DNCE (which the group pronounces “D-N-C-E,” not “dance”), featuring ex-Jonas Brothers and Disney Channel heartthrob Joe Jonas.

DNCE – a pop-funk band also featuring bassist Cole Whittle, drummer Jack Lawless and guitarist JinJoo Lee – has existed for only about a year, but has already caused major buzz with the infectious hit “Cake By the Ocean” and its follow-up, “Toothbrush.”

Joe Jonas talked to about the show, DNCE’s upcoming tour with Selena Gomez (they hit the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami on June 11), his coming-of-age with Disney.

What can we expect from DNCE’s concert?

It’ll just be high-energy. We were just putting the set list together yesterday, and the show is just a full-on pool party. There’s obviously gonna be a lot of people going nuts, so we wanted the make sure that the show we bring is some of our favorite songs and the audience’s favorite songs – and we’ll probably jump in the pool at the end of the show.

Are you guys working on a new album?

We’ve been working on an album for the last year. It’s an interesting pace for us – we’ve never really had this much time to enjoy it like this. We’re in the studio whenever we can, and things are going really well for us, and we’re really thrilled. We’re shooting for the end of August, but because of “Cake By the Ocean” doing so well for us, we’ve been pushing the release back and back and back.

What was the musical mission for DNCE?

For us, we really wanted to shoot toward having the best time doing this, and the music relating that. When we were creating this, we all found a common ground with kind of a funk-pop feel, and we collaborated on a bunch of different stuff, and with the help of producers and writers, it just all came together quickly.

How did you come up with your name?

The name DNCE was kind of off-the-cuff. We were late one night texting each other trying to come up with a band name, and a few drunk texts later, we misspelled “dance,” and we just stuck with it. We like DNCE – it was perfectly imperfect.

What did you learn from being in a band with your brothers?

Traveling with some of my brothers for so many years was an amazing learning experience. I had a blast, and I saw the world and grew up in the music industry, and I get to have those experiences yet again in DNCE, traveling and playing similar venues. It’s like hitting a refresh button.

Does it feel different without family members, even liberating?

Haha. It feels good! I still get to see my brothers – I live with my younger brother. So we see each other quite a bit and are really supportive of each other’s individual careers, and look out for each other.

You’ll be back in Miami in June with Selena Gomez. You’re not gonna get sick of this place, are you?

It’s hard for me to get sick of Miami. 

You’re good friends with Selena?

Yeah, I’ve kind of grown up with her. I’ve known her since she was really young – we worked together when we both did Disney stuff, and we’ve done songs together, so it’s cool to see each other grow as individual artists.

Was it difficult at times to truly express yourself as an artist during your years with Disney?

At times. I think what everybody deals with is, there’s moments when you hit that age where there are certain things, whether it’s sexual or personal things that you want to speak about, that probably isn’t in the age range of what Disney’s skewed toward. But you learn to accept the timing, and it’s tough because as a young artist, you want that so bad, to be able to express what you’re going through. And whether you’re 15 or 17, you know that what you’re going through is normal, so yeah, there’s times when it’s frustrating. But you learn to accept those, and grow, and you appreciate it more when you’re eventually at that age when you can be an artist who can display whatever’s on their mind.

Is being in DNCE the freest you’ve felt as an artist?

Definitely I’d say yeah, probably just because of timing. The age I am now, the lyrics and the songs we’re writing – you don’t have anyone over your shoulder watching what you write, and it feels very freeing. 

What do you love most about Miami?

I love the food. I love the women. I love the nightlife there –it’s epic. Every time I go, it’s just the best. The water’s beautiful, the people are so sweet and nice, and it’s culture and sun. I’m always pumped when we go to Miami.

You mentioned nightlife – what’s the best club?

I gotta say LIV – LIV has always been good to me.