J-Lo, Neon Trees and sexy summer bodies ruled Saturday night's iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party

Highlights were in short supply at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party Saturday night. With the exception of Neon Trees, lackluster vocal “performances” from Nick Cannon and Jennifer Lopez (her dance moves were another story) left plenty to be desired. And, a two-song set from MAGIC!, the reggae fusion dudes behind “Rude,” was too short to enjoy.

Still, we found a few key takeaways. Here’s what happened Saturday night:

3. Sexy, summer bodies
In a clear improvement over Friday night, the Fontainebleau crowd looked, and danced, their best Saturday. From six-packs and swim pants to bikinis and summer dresses, no one seemed out of place and/or sweaty.  The crowd, to their credit, also fabricated plenty of cheers for the Yahoo! live-stream of the pool party, as Cannon repeated the same lines two or three times into a roving camera while engaging partygoers. And, like this year’s World Cup, camera crews often scoped out the prettiest ladies in the crowd for Q&A’s with poolside correspondent (and British singer) Katy Tiz. Scripted? Yes. Enjoyable? Seemed like it.

2. Cutting it with Neon Trees
Lead singer Tyler Glenn, who sang the vocals on Tiesto’s “Red Lights” Friday night, showed no signs of slowing down for his band’s set Saturday. Besides hits like “Sleeping With A Friend” and “Everybody Talks,” the group played “Love in the 21st Century,” an ode to hooking up, the lead single off their new album, “Pop Psychology.” At one point during the set, Glenn told the crowd: “stop treating us like openers…and sing!” The 30-year-old also referenced himself coming out as gay, and urged the Miami crowd to show him some support. Neon Trees’ performance really sought to pump up the crowd. The band even stopped “Everybody Talks” about halfway through to get more people to sing the lyrics. We appreciated the effort.

1. Jenny on the dance block!
The best part of Jennifer Lopez’s closing performance Saturday was when she didn’t sing (no offense). The 44-year-old Latin bombshell (we couldn’t tell if she’s aged) ran through a two-minute “teaser” of her new album, “A.K.A.,” plus took it old school with tracks like “Ain’t It Funny.” But, J-Lo’s vocals, often rushed yelling over the pre-recorded songs, did not match her dance moves. The latter is where “Jenny From The Block” shined. Despite what appeared to be a bruise on her left knee (Lopez did not acknowledge it), J-Lo twisted, turned and yes, twerked. Beside a throng of both male and female dancers, Lopez shook her moneymaker while her new single, “Booty,” played on the loud speakers. And, J-Lo did it again, briefly, later in the set to the crowd’s delight. “You want more booty, you got to buy the album,” she said. J-Lo showed no signs of letting up, even doing a knee drop, on her bad knee and all, with a smile.