Inside H&M Miami Beach

Neon lights, palm trees, cascading waterfalls, blasting beats, larger-than-life chandeliers — oh my! — we snooped around the newly minted H&M flagship on Lincoln Road hot on the heels of its VIP event with a Flo Rida performance and celebs in attendance such as Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and Glee‘s  Matthew Morrison.  

And we were pretty amazed with the end result after months and months and months of waiting.

Our first WOW moment? The droves of shoppers on opening day. “We literally had about 600 people lined outside when we opened today at noon,” General Manager David says. We even caught word of shoppers spending the night in line the night before the Nov. 8 opening. Anxious, much? Clearly, some people will do anything for high fashion at a low price.

Next on our radar? The behemothic size of the actual store. H&M now resides in the former home of the 1930’s style Lincoln Theatre and saying this store is HUGE is by no means any stretch of the imagination — there’s 25,000 square feet of stylish clothing and accessories to sift through. With three stories and more to grow — the flagship is a vast, sun-filled space peppered with Art Deco nuances such as restored fountains, palm-frond print wall paper and restored floors. A 19-foot LED screen showcasing Fall fashions is the focal point of the store.

But the best part? The men’s department on the third floor. A sexy mix of golds and blacks create a masculine, industrial vibe where a gargantuan black glass chandelier is the main event.

The store will also have a DJ spinning every Friday and Saturday to keep the mood upbeat and fun.

As for opening day’s sales? “Ha! I can’t share those numbers with you but let’s just say it’s been a very, very good day. We anticipate the first four days of opening to be our best,” David adds.

And by the looks of never-ending line on our way out, he’s right on the money.






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