Ikea Miami by the numbers

Photo: Anthony Cave

IKEA’s first Miami-Dade County location encompasses a mammoth 416,000 square feet. And, that’s not the only number we have for the Sweetwater store, which opens Wednesday, Aug. 27.

Here are some other noteworthy items ahead of the Swedish home furniture retailer’s latest (and largest) Florida venture:

Second overall: IKEA’s Sweetwater store is their second largest U.S. location, behind Schaumburg, Illinois at 450,000 square feet. One complete walkthrough took us about an hour, which may be longer with increased foot traffic next week.

Eating room: Everyone knows IKEA is synonymous with Swedish meatballs. Well, IKEA Miami’s 600-seat restaurant is the largest of any IKEA store in the U.S. That’s a lot of space to eat meatballs (and other items, like poached salmon)!

Large and in charge: You won’t see the roof if you visit IKEA Miami, but the solar array up there is the largest in South Florida. The almost 1.8 million kilowatts the solar panels will generate is enough electricity to power 256 cars, or 169 homes annually.

Yes, parking: Speaking of cars, IKEA Miami has about 1,500 parking spaces. And, don’t fret, it is adjacent to Dolphin Mall too, so you can park there and walk over.

350 degrees of help: IKEA Miami employs more than 350 people, from store manager Selwyn Crittendon, to a couple kitchen planners, who are available by appointment. Surfing IKEA’s entire store catalog, which is about 10,000 items, would be daunting without their help.