Hurricanes at Miami Science Museum

South Floridians know that hurricanes are no joke and now the Northeast understands the damage that even a Category 1 storm can cause after the Hurricane Sandy experience. With the increase in number and strength of hurricanes over recent years, it’s important to know how to deal with these natural phenomena. To help the public learn what it takes to predict, prepare for and protect against a hurricane, Miami Science Museum along with State Farm and Florida International University in Miami is debuting its “Hurricanes” exhibit on Saturday, Nov. 24.
The exhibit will feature a full-scale P-3 hurricane hunter aircraft and guests can climb inside and experience what it’s like for pilots to fly through a swirling storm. The exhibit will feature a display case featuring artifacts from Hurricane Andrew, which made landfall in 1992 as well as a game where guests can put their hurricane preparedness to the test. Also, don’t miss the chance to design, buld and test a model house against hurricane-force winds.
“This is a very important time to showcase the hurricane exhibit,” said Miami Science Museum CEO & President Gillian Thomas. “Severe weather is becoming more prevalent and serious across the globe, and South Floridians in particular need to be aware of how to prepare and protect themselves before, during and after hurricanes.”

Admission to the “Hurricanes” exhibit is included with regular museum admission.


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