#HowToMiami – Street Art

Welcome to #HowToMiami, where each month we will provide a DIY video guide about something iconic in Miami.

This month, with Art Basel Miami Beach and Miami Art Week in full swing, we are crafting a #HowToStreetArt by partnering with the Miami Ad School (MAS).

Artists Dome, Kislow, Sheryo & Yok, Loren, and Omen arrived just in time for Miami Art Week to give us a lesson on street art in our video above. The celebrated Wynwood Art District has been legally operating since 2009. Since then, Miami has experienced a unique proliferation of street art, and we have featured all the must-see walls.

We partnered with Miami Ad School (MAS), the school of pop culture engineering, to show Miami locals and international visitors alike how the street artists “do” art in one of the world’s most recognized districts. Since Miami Ad School has made its mark in Wynwood with its new campus and innovative murals, we chose the leading artists that created the murals to teach us how they do it.  

A little about our partner, MAS . They offer much needed green space for students, equipped with Wi-Fi and power outlets, immersed in between the walls dripping with art. “With a 98 percent placement rate of graduates working in their chosen field, and 96 percent of students getting real-world experience in an agency before graduation, MAS is at the intersection of education and the real world,” said Pippa Seichrist, Co-Founder of MAS.

The Miami Ad School is located at 571 NW 28th Street Miami, FL 33127 or visit www.miamiadschool.com to learn more.

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The #HowToMiami video series couldn’t have been done without the help of some very talented people.

Thanks to the MAS team who helped direct and produce this month’s #HowToMiami video: Daniela Alacron Coka, Jared Powell, Adenike Akinbinsehin, Tanvi Tandon, Professor Ralph Budd and Mark Smith

Until the next #HowToMiami… Cheers!

Fred Gonzalez
Editor, Miami.com