How To Look Cool While Breaking A Sweat

Ditch that worn-out T-shirt. Same goes for those hole-riddled sweatpants. Proving you can sweat in style comes Miami Beach-based Track & Bliss workout gear. And scoring the activewear collection is no sweat as it’s online here.

The brainchild of designer Luciana Scarabello, she says her collection of leggings, sports bras and tees are perfect for South Florida femmes, “Miami women are always on the go. Track & Bliss offers functionality and comfort to carry them from the gym throughout the rest of their day looking fashionable.”

Scarabello not only looks the #fitspo part, she lives it, too. She’s a regular at Equinox’s barre and dance classes and breaks a sweat at JetSet Pilates and Barry’s Bootcamp. Her best stay-fit tip for you? “Avoid sugars and processed foods — I love candy so this is a hard one for me she!” she says.

When not dreaming up her next style for the brand, you can spot Scarabello hitting Jugo Fresh for one their feel-good bowls or smoothies, rocking out to Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side” or reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. After all, her story is one of personal success — one legging at a time.