How to Get the Haute Hair Trends in Miami

August is Miami’s hottest month. With it being such a scorcher, Miami gals are turning to some major celebrity hair trends to keep fashionable and stay cool. Cutler Salon in South Beach is always in the know when it comes to what’s haute. After all, the chain salon is a leader backstage at many New York Fashion Week shows.

Senior stylist, John-Paul Sherley-Price gave us the inside scoop on two of South Florida’s most popular hair styles: the high bun and the side braid. With 4 simple steps to follow. 

High Bun

Step 1 Apply a gel to the roots only! (Use plenty of gel but make sure to keep it on the roots)

Step 2 Pull back into a tight ballerina type ponytail at the crown and tie with a bungee or elastic

Step 3 Smooth the gel gently with a serum to get a polished look

Step 4 Tease (backcomb and interlace) ponytail using a comb and hairspray

Step 5 Twist and rap into a messy bun grip then hairspray in place to create a textured contrast

Side Braid

Step 1 Blow dry hair using mousse to achieve movement in the hair or a soft messy/beach wave

Step 2 Decide on placement of ponytail, side/back, high/low

Step 3 Decide how to secure the loose braid; hair wrap, pin, bungee or an elastic

Step 4 Decide on texture; dry/polished, smooth frizzy or wet look

Step 5 Simply gather in desired area, fix and finish and use a healthy dosage of hairspray for final touch


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