How to get shimmery with just a touch of the hand

Jimmy Choo Sparkling Moisturising Cream

Scenario: You’re going out tonight and you need to get noticed – in the dark. Jimmy Choo’s got your back. The glam company has come out with a Shimmering Body Cream, part of the new JC Body Collection that just hit Miami and its hot environs. The Sparkling Moisturizing Cream has a rich, velvety and slightly iridescent texture that leaves a glistening sheen. The luxurious formula combines the hydrating and protective benefits of shea butter with the soothing properties of glycerin. It also contains paraffin oil to relieve inflammation and soften skin, as well as cottonseed oil, which is valued for its regenerative qualities. Complementing the elegant parfum package design, the body collection packaging reflects the Jimmy Choo brand essence. Great for a day after the beach if you put on too much sunscreen but still want a bit of color. At Saks Fifth Avenue counters.


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