How to Get Kim Kardashian Brows


National Dior Eyebrow Guru Stephanie Guarino is in town this Wednesday at Bloomingdales in The Falls  from 11 to 6 p.m. and will be beautifying brows complimentary. We chatted up the Allure Magazine featured beauty expert on what celeb has the most coveted brows, what’s the best method for hair removal and what’s the current trend in eyebrows. 


The must have tools for DIY grooming are? Tweezers, small curved cuticle scissors and Dior’s Universal Brow Styler. You can use Dior’s Lash Maximizer as a brow gel to encourage growth in the brow as well as the lash. 


Regarding eyebrow shape. What’s the trend? The trend in brows is full and natural, but well groomed with a soft arch. 


What celeb has the most coveted brows? Kim Kardashian is number one. Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie and Brooke Shields [are] on the list.


How can eyebrows can make you look younger or older? Fuller brows make a more youthful appearance. The shape is more natural like the brows we had when we were younger.Too thin can appear contrived and, of course, we loose brows as we age. 


There’s many forms to groom brows like waxing, threading and tweezers, but what’s the best method? The most practical and least damaging way to remove brow hair is with tweezers.


Sometimes, eyebrow grooming goes bad and too much hair gets plucked. What is the ideal way to remedy? 

I advise everyone to treat a brow shape with as much respect as a haircut. Most women would not sit in just any stylist’s chair!.That said if a brow shape goes wrong, you should absolutely fill in and let it grow out before trying again…just know that brows don’t always grow back! So be very choosy.



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