Home is Where the Barre Is

If you missed your barre class this week, you’re in luck. Barre Motion is raising the barre and making house calls. You heard us — on-demand barre classes are now available. Think room service without the calories.

When life prevents you from getting to the studio, Barre-cierge brings the studio to you. Barre Motion founder Julie Jacko and her diligent team keeps you accountable by implementing home, and even hotel, workouts.

So how on earth do you channel your inner ballerina without an actual barre? All you need is an hour of spare time along with a countertop, tabletop or even a chair. The Barre-Cierge handles the playground balls, Thera-Bands, stretching straps, music, a mat and the sculpted muscles to match. F

or all fitness fiends, classes are available seven days a week at the starting price of $250. Schedule an appointment by contacting Jacko at Julie@barremotionmiami.com.

Now run along and get those pliés popping!