Home Design and Remodeling Show brings DIY star

With his brooding good looks, hunky actor Ricky Paull Goldin has been a mainstay on daytime television for years, probably best known for his role as Gus Aitoro on Guiding Light and now a recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful. Aside from his acting gigs, Goldin has always indulged in his passion for home design. His latest job on the DIY Network’s Spontaneous Construction blends that passion with his camera-ready charm as he organizes volunteers to help hapless homeowners tackle major remodeling issues in the blink of an eye. Goldin will be in Miami for the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show during Labor Day Weekend to host workshops to get kids interested in DIY projects. We chat with him before his visit.

Are you excited to get back into the world of the soaps? Tell me about Jesse Graves on The Bold and the Beautiful?
When the most powerful family in daytime television, The Bells, give you a call and ask you to do something for them… These are people that I knew and I hold in high regard and they told me it was a super cool character and it could have legs. It was exciting to me. They’re all my friends over there so it was a pleasure for me be a part of it.

Has being on sets at daytime TV shows had an impact on your design sensability?
I’ve been on a set since I was three years old. I think that would be a huge part of my creativity when it comes to any kind of design. In daytime, when we’d leave for the day, a whole crew comes in and works all night long to build a whole city – living rooms, dining rooms, outdoor parks – and all of this inside a sound stage.  Movie magic has been something that’s always fascinated me.

I think the other thing that really affected me was my mom gave me an opportunity to work when she was doing some big jobs when was 14,15, 16 designing for some very wealthy clients’ homes with an open checkbook. She would ask me what I would do, and when the contractors came she made me put on a tool belt and go to work with them. What I learned about myself was that I was able to move furniture around in a room with my eyes closed. I was able to picture things that maybe not everyone else could.

So it was your mother’s influence that made you want to go from acting to construction/design?
For me, I’ll go from anything to anything. None of us are really ever one thing; we are many things. You sing, you dance, you act, whether you’re good at architecture, design or sketching. I have never gone from one thing instead of being an entertainer. I actually made a living of it while I was a struggling actor in L.A. I would redesign rental apartments. I guess I was in touch with my feminine side.
Would you ever be on the sets and think to yourself, I could have built this better or, well that’s just poor design?
If I ever did a low budget cheap-o show, but I’ve mostly been in awe of my set designers.

Your wife – fashion maven Gretta Monahan – is into style, so between the two of you, your own house must be something really special.
I try to trick out the house as best we can. But mostly it’s me. I’m the idiot that won’t sit still until it’s completely done within an inch of its life. After you have a kid, it’s shattered my dream. It’s never really going to happen. I probably spend too much time making the nest right.

How did you get involved in DIY Network’s “Spontaneous Construction”?
They came and did a special on our house in L.A. called “My Favorite Place.” It’s Nancy O’Dell’s show now, like a celebrity cribs show. They came and did our house, a farm house in L.A. I did all my usual tricks, turned doors into tables, empty canvases into paintings. Then I went away with Gretta to Paris for a babymoon, then they called me. It was so unheard of, they had this really amazing idea. It had a lot to do with social media, volunteers, music and they said who could pull all that off? I fit the bill, luckily.

How does “Spontaneous Construction” work?
I put out a call to arms on social media and Craig’s List for volunteers when I find a family in need. I was shocked that people would give three days of painting and digging and hammering. They are all stars of that show. I’ve never seen anyone leave angry. Everybody is having fun, it’s very joyful.

What kind of emergencies would you guys encounter?
A young couple had a new baby and their contractor left them high and dry, took their money and didn’t deliver and left in the middle. They were way out of their league. Or a family was growing and didn’t have money to do their house and they needed extra rooms. I did one show on Long Beach after Hurricane Sandy and there’s six kids, a mom and a dad, three dogs and a ferret living in two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs because the whole bottom of the house was annihilated. It was a sad state of affairs. There was a million miles of red tape they were going through. We came in and banged it out in three days.

You will be in Miami for the Home Design and Remodeling show, what’s the plan?
I got an early start because my mom got me into some DIY projects so I got inspired, so my idea is to go down and have some fun and do some workshops with the kids. If one kid out of 50 gets inspired, I think it would be amazing.