History Meets Home Décor at Bonnin Ashley

There’s a sense of cool accomplishment when the answer to “What are you wearing?” is “It’s vintage.” The same coveted entitlement comes with home décor. Bonnin Ashley, South Florida’s largest antique dealer, is a chic alternative to drab décor catalogs and tired factory stores.

Sorne Boloix and Michael Flick, the husband and wife behind Bonnin Ashley, have been in the antique furniture business for nearly 30 years. The business ideas came to Boloix while working in Italy on an archeological dig. After returning to Miami, she decided to dig for a different kind of history — antique home décor. Together, she and Flick curate a showroom specializing in 18th and 19th century museum quality pieces with stories to tell.

Whether you’re an antique connoisseur or just looking to venture passed the Ikea parking lot, Bonnin Ashley’s showroom is an elegant starting point.

Visit the showroom to see the treasures firsthand or fill your Pinterest board at www.bonninashley.com.