Botox isn’t just for those pesky wrinkle lines on the face, folks. Yes, allow us to introduce you to HairBotox — the hair industry’s latest innovation in healthy hair rejuvenation. And no, this one doesn’t require a needle. Phew!  

Available at Rik Rak Salons, think of HairBotox as painless way to transform weak, dull hair to silky, smooth strands. Unlike other hair straightening products on the market, this goody is 100 percent Formaldehyde-free, making it non-damaging to your hair and most importantly, to your health.  

How does it work, you ask? The process of HairBotox is initiated by washing the hair with clarifying shampoo, stripping the strands of all residues. The product is then applied to the hair, section by section for approximately 45 minutes. Once the hair has absorbed all the protein and antioxidants, it is then washed with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and styled as desired. The results are long lasting loose, bouncy, curls or soft, straight hair, free of detrimental ingredients. Love that!

HairBotox is available at each of the Rik Rak locations: Rik Rak Salon, Rik Rak at Four Seasons, and Rik Rak at Marquis.


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