Hair Tinsel Trend

Beyonce has rocked it. Real Housewives reality stars have donned them and now– Miami gals are finally layering their locks with the hair tinsel trend.

Marlo Planas aka Miami’s Feathering Queen said she’s been getting a lot of requests from gals who are tired of wearing the omnipresent feather fad that’s on everyone from grandmas to tots in the 305.

“It’s funny I offered it before when I first started doing feathers back in February, but no one wanted them. Now people keep asking me for them,” said Planas.

The 30-year-old mother of two who is the co owner of Fancy Feathers with partners Melissa Castaneda, Allie Manzini, Tatiana del Rey and Joanne Burgess, said it’s the perfect fall hair accessory.

“With all the holiday parties and events coming up, it adds a nice touch. You can wash them, blow dry, cut and curl them up to 400 degrees,” said the Aventura resident.

The sparkly stuff is attached to the hair within seconds using a micro link. There’s over 20 colors to choose from including metallics. The tinsel can last up to 4 months and it costs $4 a strand or $10 for 3 strands.

Planas and her team are mobile and make house calls as well as do boutique events, birthday parties, fashion shows and charity fundraisers.


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