Ground Up Collective

The lowdown: If you haven’t checked out GAB Studio in the heart of the Wynwood yet, then here’s another reason to do so: Ground Up Collective. The boutique located within the photography and art studio (showing 15 emerging artists a month) just opened up and is brimming with eco-friendly and anomalous finds.

“Ground Up Collective is a collaborative platform for Miami-based organizations, artists, musicians and designers to bring worldwide awareness to the creativity taking place in the Wynwood Arts District and beyond,” co-founder Maria Thereza Ayala says.

The name: “Our products are made from either recycled or repurposed materials like billboards, kite materials and so forth,” Ayala says. Ground Up also represents the point of creation and growth.

The ambience: Urban eclectic. GAB studio’s arresting photography (yep, that image you’ve been eyeballing entitled “The Day I Quit Smoking” of a fist punching water by Bridges Aderhold is for sale, too) provides a gallery environment for the shop. Handbags hanging on steel hooks, hot-pink mannequins draped in ties and frames splayed with jewelry exude a come-and-touch-me vibe.

Highlights: Scoop up a night-out wallet made from bicycle inner tubing ($15) or laptop case constructed with PVC ($130). “We carry cutting-edge accessories implementing the concept of re-utilizing spent urban materials to design and develop objects for common everyday use. We’re also inviting people to get involved in a responsible consumption system,” Ayala adds.

The co-founder says: “The products we feature are all eco or sustainable but the designs are equally fantastic. We show you that you can be conscientious of your environment and still rock a great designed bag or necklace.  Eco doesn’t mean boring design anymore,” Ayala adds.


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