Golden Gals Gone Wild


Remember that episode of Golden Girls when Dorothy’s lesbian friend Jean came to visit? Jean took a special liking to the naive Rose, who had to let her down gently because she just didn’t swing that way. But imagine if Rose had jumped on her like a five-shots-downed college girl with the urge to experiment. Girdles would have flown, hair sets would have been mussed, and undoubtedly, Sofia would have walked in on the whole thing.

Let the World Erotic Art Museum conjure up some of that Golden Girl-on-girl action with their new featured show, “Golden Gals Gone Wild.” See Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sofia in a variety of mediums, like you’ve never seen them before—in warm, topless embraces, wearing leather garters, eating cheesecake off each other’s naked midriffs. Okay, the cheesecake part might not be true. The show, the second installment by L.A. based artist Lenora Claire, is said to be even more salacious than the first, which featured paintings of Sofia spread eagle and Blanche in a rebel flag bikini. They couldn’t show this kind of stuff in St. Olaf!

“Golden Gals Gone Wild” will be on display through April 30th. Admission is $15. The World Erotic Art Museum is located at 1205 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. 


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