'Glee' withdrawal?

Chris Colfer plays Kurt Hummel on 'Glee.'

Going through ‘Glee’ withdrawal?

The World Series is over, thank God! Go Yankees!

In the meantime, get your gay ‘Glee’ fix and check out what Chris Colfer said on his first gay press interview to Lesly Goldberg for Advocate.com.

Colfer, 19, impressed ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy during initial auditions that the character Kurt Hummel was written specifically for him.  Colfer’s Hummel character is one of the few gay characters in prime time.

Here some highlights from the interview:

Was theater/acting/singing something you’ve always wanted to do professionally?
Absolutely. I’d always wanted to eventually do something on Broadway or do something on TV, but I never thought it would be a mix of both. I’m very fortunate.

Did you have any professional training?
I’ve never had any professional training anywhere, just high school and community theater shows.

Were you in your high school drama club?
I was in drama, speech and debate, president of the writers’ club, I was editor of our school’s literary magazine … I pretty much did everything.

Were you out in high school?
Oh, no. People are killed in my hometown for that.

Do you have any say with him [Ryan Murphy] when it comes to song suggestions?
There actually is an episode where I told him this story about when I was in high school and there was a song I really wanted to sing — “Defying Gravity” from Wicked — I really wanted to sing the song in high school, but my drama department would never let me because I was a boy and it’s a girl’s song. So I told him about it one day — I was sort of venting about it to him — and the next thing I know, he wrote it into the show. That’s the story line for the episode.

What’s been your favorite song that you’ve performed on the show?
Oh, gosh. We did this number called “Hate on Me” [by Jill Scott] and it turned out really great.

What can viewers expect from Kurt this season? Any love interests?
There is a love interest, but it’s sadly not reciprocated. It’s Finn… He definitely realizes he has a crush on Finn and does what he can to try to get Finn to like him back, but sadly it doesn’t happen.

Is he going to stick with the football team?
He does for a while. He eventually leaves, but he does stick it out for a while.


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