German Designer Calls Miami Beach International Fashion Week Dream Come True


Davor Sladakovic was born in Remscheid, Germany. His first designs were presented in 2001 in Banja Luka. At Miami Beach International Fashion Week, he will be presenting his newest collection called EDGE. Sladakovic said showcasing at the fashion week is a dream come true and something he worked very hard at getting the opportunity to do. We spoke to Sladakovic on why he wanted to showcase in Miami, why his collection is inspired by his ancestors and who his favorite deigner is. 

What inspired your collection? I was inspired by the strength, culture and invincibility of Celts, Vikings and Gauls. Often in my visions, I have strong spiritual connections with my ancestors, which helps convert my abstract imagination into something tangible and applicable in the real world. 

What are you going to be featuring on the runway at Miami Beach International Fashion Week? I will be featuring my newest collection: EDGE for spring 2013. It’s extravagant and simple and militarily defined, [but] elegant. 

Will this be your first time presenting in Miami? Yes, this is my first time in Miami. From the first time Beth Sobol arrived to Banja Luka Fashion Fair and announced that in 2010 one designer could win an award to go to Miami Beach International Fashion Week all designers in the region wanted to win that award. I worked very hard and further developed my fashion style, earning label of the best industrial designer in the country. In 2011, when  the opportunity arose to be a part of Banja Luka Fashion Fair Designer Showcase at Miami Beach International Fashion Week, I gave my best to win and be one of 3 designers attending. 

Why is it so important to showcase your work at Miami Beach International Fashion Week? For someone from a small country in Europe the opportunity to come to the USA  is simply a dream come true. My journey to the USA is an entrepreneurial mission with cultural elements. I don’t represent just my own name, but also the entrepreneurial and cultural potential of the Republic of Srpska.  

Which designer do you admire the most? My favorite designer is Renato Balsetra, his unique personality and superior skills, in my opinion, brought a new dimension of elegance and luxury to the fashion world.  




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