Five ways to experience Hard Rock Stadium like the 1 Percent

After two years and half a billion dollars, Hard Rock Stadium finally opens for business Thursday. And sure, there are Dolphins and Hurricanes tickets for every budget, but what’s the fun in sitting in the nose-bleed section and eating Dolphins dogs?

Here are five ways to have a baller Hard Rock experience:


1. The ’72 Club

This is the creme de la creme. Club members enjoy traffic-avoiding access to VIP parking or valet, field passes, double-padded seats at midfield and a private lounge with all-you-can eat and drink.



Nine (duh) open-air, VIP suites situated between the 30-yard lines, above the ’72 Club seats. Don’t want to leave your seat for a snack? No worries. Your personal, in-suite concierge will grab one for you.

3. Ford Field Club

This is as close as most of us will ever get to taking the field. Your plush seat is just a few steps behind end zone. And if the action is too intense, there’s a private club to cool down.

4. UberTailgate

Why lug all your cookout gear to a game when the Dolphins will lend you theirs — and give you a ride in the process? This first-of-its kind program is in the experimental phase; only 20 spots are available this year, starting at $250.

5. New Suites (coming in 2017)

Designed by the prestigious Rockwell Group, these 14-20 person suites on the 200 level come with food, drink — and the chance to buy Super Bowl LIV tickets. Sorry: not available until next year.