Find Your Fleek: Eyebrow Design Innovates Miami Beauty Scene

Waxing, plucking and threading — the mission to obtain perfect eyebrows is the bane of our existence. What if we told you there’s a formula behind the fleek? Karmel Bortoleti, owner of Eyebrow Design, might’ve cracked the code.

Originally from Brazil, Bortoleti believes that properly proportioned eyebrows enhance beauty and highlight a person’s characteristics. Her innovative brow boutique has popped up across South Florida with locations in Miami Beach, Aventura, Doral and Boca Raton.

So what’s the secret to honing a Cara Delevingne-worthy eyebrow game? It’s all in the facial structure. Each trained “eyebrow designer” tailors your brows to your face shape. If you’re guilty of spending too much quality time with your tweezers, Eyebrow Design knows how to help a hack job. Designers use a customized color treatment with natural jojoba oil to promote hair growth and aid sparse brows.

“A large part of our business is the repair and rejuvenation of brows that others have damaged by aggressive cleaning, self-cleaning, waxing with chemicals and use of aggressive dyes,” says Bortoleti. 

Each client receives their own individual service kit and will leave with a lesson on how to take care of their stunning new shape. Repeat after us: put down the Tweezerman.