Fashionable night creatures

Local photographer Alexander Guerra has teamed up with fashion designer Jose Duran to create a series of photos that have a nether-night fantasy world vibe. The clothes by Duran, come alive with the images of frolicking models sporting golden animal masks in the form of a frog, duck, rabbit and horse. Guerra, also models in the series.
The collaboration between the two started when Duran contacted Guerra expressing his fondness of a series of self portraits that feature Guerra wearing a rabbit mask. The series titled Le Lapin (The Rabbit), was taken during the summer of 2010 in different European cities.

“He liked that series. His only request was that the models be in masks,” said Guerra.

According to Guerra, the photos were shot with the idea of discovering these creatures out at night.

“Fashion forward creatures,” Guerra said.

The images were shot in somewhat of a “spotlight” type of light, focusing directly on the subject, while the rest of the image is blacked out.

“What I really wanted to create were pictures with the perspective of the viewer wearing the mask himself. This places the viewer right in with the creatures,” said Guerra.

Click to see this fusion of art and fashion.


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