Fantasy Fridays

Fancy Fendi platforms, anyone?

With temps striking a sweltering 90 degrees, I think it’s safe to say that Summer (no, not Spring) is officially here. When I first stepped outside in the beginning of this particular week, I could feel the heat and humidity hit me like a blanket. Not good. So what’s a gal to do in such hair-maddening matters?

There’s only two options when it gets like this, ladies and gents: Ice-cold summer cocktails (margarita or spiked lemonade, anyone?) and fabulous white everything. In my book, white is always trés chic, and the following pieces just epitomize that:

Alexander Wang lattice bobble oversized sweater, Jimmy Choo Cecile woven-leather bag, Jil Sander Edison cotton-blend blaze, See by Chloé wool and linen blend shorts and Yves Saint Laurent Sassandre scarf

Can you just imagine that Alexander Wang sweater thrown over a bikini as the sun starts to set? And those breezy See by Chloé shorts? I’m cooling down already just looking at it. Sure the pricepoints are ludicrous, but a gal can dream, right? That’s precisely the point with this new, once-a-week column. 

Which ones do you

Think about it. Imagine. What would Rachel Zoe do?

‘Till next Fantasy Friday,

Sarah Ashley Schiear




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