Exotic Jewelry Can Enhance Your Wardrobe

Usually gals have all the fun with jewelry, but thanks to Haati Chai, men can now glam up their look with some edgy, yet very masculine pieces. Haati Chai which means “elephant and tea” in Bengali, is a jewelry line that was founded by designer Stella Simona.  The baubles mesh trendy styles with jewelry inspired by India. There’s anklets, body chains, head pieces, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets and Indian trinkets. Elements infused in the jewels include stones, wood, aluminum and various organic materials. Simona is the head designer for the women’s collections while Caleb Wilson designs the men’s collection called “Chele” meaning “guy” in Bengali. Haati Chai jewelry averages under $100 or less. Check out: www.HaatiChai.com


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