Eco-Friendly Clothing with Miami Roots

Nothing quite says, “Girl power!” like Miami designer Daniela Garcia’s tees. Her Pure of Heart collection of chic, modern and eco-friendly T-shirts carry empowering messages such as “Pure Strength” and “I am who I want to Be.” We chat up Garcia on her modern, fun and made-in-the-USA collection.

Why the name Pure of Heart? I chose the name Pure of Heart because this is how we were born and who we must become again in order to experience our true selves. By being pure of heart, we allow ourselves to feel all of the emotions, feelings in it purest level and by doing that we are capable of loving fully and freely.

Your pieces are yummy to the touch, what materials do you work with? For most of our first collection, I decided to use 100% Tencel jersey. We wanted to make it unique, soft, different and good for the environment. The end product is totally biodegradable.

It’s good to be green! What exactly is eco-chic clothing? Clothing made with the responsibility to protect our environment as much as possible. Not all of us feel that we can afford eco-friendly clothing but it’s certainly worth the effort to protect our only planet and wear something made with the best intentions for our overall wellbeing. My hope is that one day there will be enough of us making clothing in a sustainable way so the costs could be much less.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Books, teachers, friends but my main inspiration is life itself…the beauty and the hard challenges that force us to grow. It is with pure passion that I created Pure of Heart’s clothing line, with gorgeous designs to make us feel pretty, comfortable, flowy and sexy, and at the same time to share on each style our unique printed affirmations written combining the powerful meaning of color and its inherent influence in our minds. 

It’s your day off…. what are you doing? Wow, I haven’t had one of those in a long time! When I’m not working and creating the magic for Pure of Heart, I’m at home with my family or at the beach with my two-daughters/partners in crime.


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