Duncan Quinn

The lowdown: Can’t spot a custom-mde suit in Miami, blokes? Now that’s just rubbish. For expertly tailored suits and natty looks — fancy London-born designer Duncan Quinn’s store right our very own Design District. Yes, there’s no need to cross the pond, chums.

“Duncan Quinn is a men’s luxury boutique that makes everything the guy who has everything needs — the finest bespoke suits in the world, beautiful shirts, ties, tees, jeans, umbrellas, swim shorts…a three martini lunch,” says Right Hand Man (his choice of title, not ours) Grady Wright.  

The ‘hood: The store is located inside the Moore Building in the Design District. “It is the coolest area in Miami already and set to become one of the greatest fashion hubs in the U.S.,” Wright says.

The ambience: “It’s a gentleman’s club for rogues and characters. Our clothes are a part of it, but we love for our clients to have stories and live life.  We’re for the wolves, not the sheep,” Wright says.

The shop is wrapped up in signature wallpaper and many elements of the space is reflective of the things Duncan and the team enjoy outside of the remarkable clothing sold in store. Conjure up vintage cars and motorcycles, a bar and artwork which gives respect to the inspirations that drive much of what Duncan comes up with — Michael Caine movies, James Bond, James Hunt and Barry Sheene, The Who, The Clash, Rolling Stones and other iconic guys who lived in iconic times.

Highlights: The boutique sells items only Duncan himself designs and approves. With that said, all goods are made using the finest materials and artisans in the world. Think tie silks woven in England at a 250-year-old silk mill then handmade in New York City. Imagine suits hand cut, stitched and finished at their Big Apple workshop. Clothes are crafted from the best cloths money can buy such as wool, cashmere, mohair, silk and also rarities such as guanaco. 

“You can grab a limited-edition pima cotton tee made in New York — only 36 of each run — for $95. Or you can spend $6,000 on a two-piece “Tonik” mohair suit.  It’s made from the exact same cloth that Michael Caine wore in Alfie,” Wright says.

The Right Hand Man says: “If you’re a gentleman rogue there simply is no other choice,” Wright adds. We promise, you will be gobsmacked.


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