Dr. Patty's Dental Boutique

Soft lighting, soothing sounds, modern furnishings, spa aromas — this certainly isn’t your mother’s dentist’s office. Dr. April Patterson (AKA Dr. Patty) is launching a new dental boutique day spa off North Federal Highway in East Fort Lauderdale that promises to pamper clients with state-of-the-art, high-end dental care coupled with the multisensory amenities and treatments of a spa.  

Each client is personally greeted upon arrival and treated to the complimentary champagne, wine and Nespresso coffee bar.  As an iDental office, clipboards have been replaced with Apple iPads which allow the doctor to electronically capture client information.  A locker room stocked with complimentary robes and slippers and a private shower area is available before and after treatments.  

Dr. Patty employs a “Director of Client Happiness” on staff to act as a concierge for clients, tending to their every need from limo transportation to and from appointment to making lunch or dinner reservations.  

Client perks in the exam room include: a refreshing lemon-scented warm towel service; silky paraffin wax treatment for hands; temple massage therapy, cucumber eye press and personalized movie and music selections.  

The jarring sounds of buzzing drills have been replaced with nearly noiseless, electronic tools and further silenced by relaxing music available in surround sound and via complimentary ear buds.  The malodorous scent of chemicals has been replaced by aromatherapy diffused through the office ventilation system and the use of odor-free, eco-friendly products.  

Dr. Patty’s extensive menu of dental services includes Six Month Smiles, cosmetic braces that straighten teeth in a quarter of the time of ordinary orthodontics; innovative implants and extraction techniques; porcelain veneers; sedation dentistry (“sleep denistry”) multiple types of sedation procedures; smile revitalization with revolutionary teeth whitening, a restorative approach to teeth whitening that no longer damages enamel or leaves teeth sensitive and strained.  

In addition, Dr. Patty administers Facial Rejuvenation treatments including Restylane and Botox. Her aesthetician is available for facials, body treatments, permanent eye/lip make-up, and complimentary brow waxing.  She also employs a full-time eyelash extension specialist.   “With the launch of my new dental boutique, I wanted to create a comfort conscious, client-centered haven for oral hygiene,” Dr. Patty says.  “My staff and I pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of dentistry and all of our services are engineered to give clients a natural, healthy smile that exudes confidence.” 

Talk about service with a smile.


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