Don't have time for the gym? Get toned with cream

We know, we know. It’s hard to find time to beautify yourself. But you have to have a few minutes at the end of a long day, right? That’s when you should whip out some products that can work while you’re sleeping. Mama Mio, which is well known for making post pregnancy cellulite busters, has a bevy of yummy things with funny meets fun names.

We covet the Shrink to Fit, a serum that packs a punch against hip and thigh jelly and actually kickstarts circulation. Who needs a plastic surgeon when you have Boob Tube around? The makers says that use it and within a week, you can see your neck, chest and boobs looks firmer, fitter and more like the old you of years ago. Lastly, the Wonder-Full Balm contains nine natural oils in a beeswax base form a solid oil that melts on contact. Use it on lips, cuticles, heels, anywhere you feel a dry patch. A must in the shower or next to your bath.


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