DJ Irie cheers on the Miami Heat and prepares for Irie Weekend

DJ Irie

As basketball season winds down, DJ Irie, the official DJ of the Miami Heat is gearing up for his annual charity event, Irie Weekend, taking place June 28-30. The event brings together sports luminaries, Hollywood stars, rap icons and more for parties, golfing and VIP events, all to benefit the IRIE Foundation. chatted with Miami’s busiest DJ to get the scoop on the event and an insider’s take on the NBA Finals.

Which one of the Miami Heat players (current or former) is the toughest on the golf course?
This is easy. Alonzo Mourning is clearly the toughest on the golf course. It boggles my mind why he hasn’t joined the pro tour yet. He would give any of those so-called pros a run for their money.

Which celebrity guest has played and surprised you with his golf skills?
Chris Kirkpatrick! Wow, can this guy play. He must have been getting some lessons in on those N’Sync tour off days. His team has either won or placed in the top three every single year of the tournament, all on his back.

Dish on who talked a lot of game but ended up like Tiger Woods in the U.S. Open this past weekend.
Ha ha! This award goes to Lil’ Jon! Jon talked so much smack about his golf skills and he was on the course bright and early but when it got to tee off time his world famous “Whaaaaaaaaaaattt” and “Ooookkkaaaayyy” turned into “Whaaaaaaaaattt was that?” and “Not Okkkkaaayyyy”

Are there going to be any big surprise celebrity guests?
Yes, there will be a few but the one I will divulge now is Grammy Award-winning singer and Oscar Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx.

What’s your handicap?
My handicap is about a 20.1 right now – not too proud of that but I intend on getting that number way down this summer!

Aside from benefiting your wonderful charity, did you start this event because you are a better golfer than basketball player and wanted to get a little revenge on your basketball friends?
Hysterical! Good thinking but not exactly. When I started Irie Weekend in 2005, I went with a golf tournament because that was totally unexpected from a DJ.  At that time and still there is no DJ in the country hosting an annual tournament like this and it’s the perfect activity for everyone to get involved in. We have a great time every year.

What would be the best theme song for the Big 3 (or for each individually)?

The best theme song for our Big 3 is “Return of Simba” by J. Cole. You’ve probably never heard of this song but look it up! Listen to the words! That’s the song right there!

How has the Finals experience been this year as compared to 2006?
The best and most striking similarity is that we were WHITE HOT when we took it all in 2006 and we’re WHITE HOT again on our quest in 2012, exactly 6 years later. The biggest difference is that our opponent hails from a relatively small market. When we played in Dallas in 2006 there were Heat fans everywhere in Dallas. I’ve been to our away games in OKC and I tell you I could count the Heat fans in OKC on both of my hands. At home is definitely a similar experience though. I just feels like it’s our time all over again.

How will it feel to take another picture with the NBA Championship trophy?

In my lifetime I’ve been able to celebrate being a part of a professional sports world championship team. Do you know how huge that is?  Many of our most celebrated and talented athletes never get to enjoy this experience in an entire lifetime, so for me to be able to possibly experience this twice in 6 years, words just can’t describe. I couldn’t possibly feel more blessed.

Do you think the Miami Heat fans are starting to get over their inhibitions, is Miami going to become a big basketball town now?
I will say this, our Miami Heat fans have stepped up big time this NBA playoffs. Our AmericanAirlines Arena has been one of the loudest in the country. They realize that we have something really special and unique here in Miami. This Miami Heat team is one of the biggest things in all of sports not just in Miami but worldwide. We are blessed as a city and our fans are embracing that in a major way. Miami isn’t becoming a basketball town..Miami is a basketball town. Let’s Go HEAT!


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