Designer DVF Launches Second Perfume in Miami Sephora

Designer Diane von Furstenberg and a brigade of models clad in her iconic wrap dresses took over Aventura Mall’s Sephora for a few hours to promote the fashionista’s newest perfume called DIANE Thursday afternoon. Von Furstenberg had models parading throughout the mall while waving flags inscribed with her slogan “Be The Woman You Want To Be” which models chanted in unison before she grabbed a mic and welcomed a gaggle of fans. Attendees who purchased her perfume were able to partake in a meet and greet with the powerhouse. We got to chat up the mogul on why she launched a second perfume with her secrets of seduction in it, why she has a fondness for Miami except for The Real Housewives of Miami show and what’s her best fashion advice.


Your first perfume is called Tatiana. What inspired you to launch your second perfume DIANE?

My first perfume I named after my daughter and I created it when she was four and she is now 40-years-old. With DIANE, I wanted to create a real classic and I also wanted to work with a woman who is a legend in the field of perfume. Her name is Chantal Ross. She did Opium and she did Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gaultier. I met her five years ago and I told her. She was then the head of Yves Saint Laurent beauty. When they sold the company then that’s when we started to work.


Perfumes evoke different feelings. What do you want women to feel when they wear DIANE?

I want to remind young women that perfume has been a weapon of seduction for women since antiquity and young women have forgotten that so I wanted to create something real special.


So why did you name the perfume after yourself?

It’s really personal. I really put everything in it. Everything I love and know and all my secrets of seduction. So I felt it was appropriate to call it the name I was born with.


Upon arriving in Miami, you tweeted “Arrived in Miami, the city of optimism and fun.” Why do you feel that way about the city? 

It’s the light of the city. I feel it when I’m here. My son’s fiance is from Miami, too.


Earlier this year, you made a comment about how The Real Housewives of Miami show objectifies women. Why do you think the show does that?

What I don’t like is when women are objectified – when you feel like having big tits is the secret of happiness – that I resent. I believe in empowering women and I don’t like when people objectify women and sometimes they objectify themselves. 


What’s your best fashion advice?

I think the best fashion advice is the best advice in general which is being who you are. Be the woman you want to be and just be a great success and then you can do no wrong. Confidence is the most beautiful thing to wear and it’s something you grow into because we are all insecure at some time.


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