Dane's Cookin in Sunrise

By Solange Reyner

Dane Cook is having the final show of his “Isolated Incident” tour this Saturday, Feburary 6th, in Sunrise. He sure looks excited to perform in sunny South Florida. We chatted with the savvy social media comedian before his performance.

Q: This is a more personal tour because of what you discuss. What went into the decision of going around the country again?
Dane: It’s something that’s in tune with what I’m going through and I wanted to bring that to my fans, the people who helped put me in this position in the first place. They’ve followed me this whole time. I lost both my parents to cancer and they loved watching me. They supported my standup comedy and I wanted to continue doing what I love.

Q: Was writing this a difficult process?
Dane: At first, it was because I was still dealing with my parents’ death, but it turned into a positive therapy session that I needed.

Q: There are some haters out there regarding your work – especially earlier on in your career. What do you think about it all?
Dane: It’s fine with me because I’ve received some great info from some of the best in the industry including Chris Rock and Robin Williams. My work speaks for itself.

Q: Something people don’t know about you?
Dane: I play a lot of pickup basketball and I’m a pretty good cook.

Q: Who do you play ball with?
Dane: I surround myself with good, competitive players. I don’t want to play with guys I can school – you know – that’s not going to help me get any better.


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